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Mar 13, · Extracted from the plant Coleus forskohlii, ( alternatively, its also known as Plectranthus barbatus) forskolin is a chemical compound that’ s been used for centuries in various forms of natural medicine. You may hear it also referred to interchangeably by its plant name or as Indian coleus, borforsin, v 20, · Forskolin is a plant supplement derived from the root of a member of the mint family known as the Indian coleus that grows in Thailand, Nepal, and parts of India. While forskolin has long been used in folk medicine for asthma treatment and various other ailments, it is marketed nowadays, as a weight loss supplement.
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Jan 14, · Forskolin Supreme Diet Overview. Forskolin Supreme Diet is a natural dietary supplement that is aimed at helping people in accelerating the processes of fat burning and attainment of high stamina levels in their body for endurance and better physical look.
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# 3: Verified Forskolin - Good Weight Loss Supplement. Consumers reported that Verified Forskolin was a strong weight loss supplement to try, and our research led us to award it our third place position in our list of top forskolin products.