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Passo 1 PlayStation 3 Slim Teardown. We have just taken apart the new PlayStation 3 Slim! Our free online editor makes it super- easy to publish step- by- step teardowns. Ifixit playstation 3 slim desmontagem.

Per riparare il tuo PlayStation 3 Slim, usa il nostro manuale di assistenza. PlayStation 3 Super Slim Repair.

Sony clearly took cooling very. Sony clearly took cooling very seriously with this machine, which is quite easy to take apart but requires special security- bit Torx screwdrivers to dismantle.

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PlayStation 3 Super Slim Repair. In, Sony Entertainment announced that the company would be releasing a new version of its Playstation 3 console.

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The new console is call the Playstation 3 Super Slim and is identified by the model number, CECH- 4000. A first look inside Sony' s dramatically redesigned, cooler, sleeker PlayStation 3 Slim!

Also check out our PS3 Slim teardown video on YouTube!

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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your PlayStation 3 Slim, use our service manual.
We got our dirty hands on a PS3 Slim a full day. Nearly six years after the release of the original PlayStation 3, Sony released the third iteration of the third iteration of PlayStation console, the PlayStation 3 Super Slim.

It is undeniably slim, but is it really super?
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Only a teardown of iFixit proportions can tell. Join us as we explore the internal hardware of a redesigned fan favorite. There are several models of the Sony PlayStation 3.
This is the newer PS3 Slim, not to be confused with the PlayStation 3 Repair. The PS3 Slim is not backwards compatible with PS2 games, and lacks some other features that were included on the original version of the PS3.
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Playstation slim Gordura

Para reparar tu PlayStation 3 Slim, utiliza nuestros manuales de servicio. Paso 1 PlayStation 3 Slim Teardown.

Did you know you can post your own teardown on iFixit? Share what' s inside your gadgets! Take apart an old cell phone, microwave, or toy robot.